Handmade smoking pipes by DarWin

Traditional shaped smoking pipes, carefully crafted by hand in a small workshop in Croatia, using only the best materials.

Each of our smoking pipes is one of a kind...


DarWin has been a passionate pipe smoker for a long time.
As a consumer he was often looking for the perfect one, and the pipes collection grew.

Then one day he found himself experimenting and making his own unique smoking pipes. It all started as a personal project, but soon got recognized within the community.

The hobby evolved to new heights in 2020. Ever since more than 80 pipes came out of the small workshop, and are enjoyed around Europe.

DarWin creates unique traditional shaped pipes, using only the best woods - morta or briar. Every pipe starts of as a small block of wood, which is precisely sawed, carved, honed and polished to perfection.

Its all done by hand, and the same goes for the stems.